Below are layout updates and switching operations videos from my YouTube channel. Additional videos can be found in the How To section of this website. Please click the link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. 

This video highlights the actions of the GNRR North Local as it switches Argos Cement and the Team Track. The video also showcases my recent weathering of several two bay covered hopper cars and a Southern waffle side box car.

July 2019 Layout Update

This video highlights installation of the removable lift out section on my model railroad featuring the Universal Alloy Corporation facility. A detailed article on constructing the Universal Alloy tilt-slab structure can be found in the May 2019 issue of Model Railroader magazine. The video also demonstrates how the crews switch the industry using idler cars for the overhanging outbound load.

Universal Alloy Corp.

This video highlights two new custom painted locomotives, 7562 and 9706, I recently completed replicating the prototype GNRR units. In addition, the video showcases switching action in Tate Yard and the North Local crew picking up and setting out cars at Capitol Building Materials. The operations follow prototypical rules and procedures that can be applied to model railroads.

February 2019 Layout Update

This video highlights two new custom painted GNRR locomotives working the line. The locomotives feature ESU LokSound decoders and LED ditch lights installed in each unit. In addition, new operating grade crossing signals have been installed at the Highway 53 grade crossing.

November 2018 Layout Update

This video highlights a new operating grade crossing signal with gates and the Digitrax LNWI WiFi Interface I installed on my layout. In addition, the video features the yard crew switching cars for the Elizabeth Yard Turn job and the Elizabeth Yard Turn #102 heading to Marietta.

June 2018 Layout Update