Below are layout updates and switching operations videos from my YouTube channel. Additional videos can be found in the How To section of this website. Please click the link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. 

Switching Elizabeth Yard

This video highlights the actions of the North Local crew switching Elizabeth Yard on my new staging cassette. The staging cassette allows for staging three trains that run during an operating session.

Live Q&A and Operating Session

This video was recorded during a live Q&A session on my layout for the NMRA Piedmont Pilgrimage virtual layout tour. The video features a tour of the layout, behind the scenes views of the underside of the layout including wiring and the DCC/ProtoThrottle electronics, and a ops session. During the ops session I discuss following prototype procedures for a more realistic ops session.

Switching ERB

This video highlights the actions of the GNRR North Local crew switching ERB, a manufacturer of plastic safety products. The facility receives plastic pellets in covered hopper cars as well as an occasional boxcar of products. Follow along as the crew observes prototype practices and safety procedures during the switching operations.

Live layout tour and ops session

This video is the recorded version of a YouTube live layout tour and operating session that was held on April 17, 2020. The video features a tour of the layout with commentary on the structures and track plan. In addition, a short operating session switching a couple of industries was held using the ProtoThrottle. Viewers can read the chat questions that were asked and the comments that were made during the live broadcast.

Switching Georgia Metal Coaters

This video highlights the actions of the GNRR North Local crew switching the Georgia Metal Coaters facility on my layout. An article on how I built the operating overhead door appeared in the May 2018 issue of Model Railroader magazine. The video also showcases my recent weathering of several coil cars including the new Thrall-Trinity 42' coil steel car from ScaleTrains.