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How To

In  this section of my web site I'll post links to how to videos and describe some of the techniques and products I use for modeling.

Making SuperTrees: tips and techniques for realistic looking trees

In this video I review my tips and techniques for making SuperTrees. In addition, I demonstrate how to straighten curved SuperTrees using a soldering iron.

How to build an operating gate and derail.

This video explains how I built an operating fence gate and derail. The mechanical parts for the gate are from a Lego Technics set and can be found on-line.

How to model a tree covered hill.

In this video I cover the steps and products that I use to model a tree covered hill.

How to model an operating overhead rolling door.

This video covers the steps and products that I used to model an operating overhead rolling door.

Designing and setting up a removable staging cassette.

In this video I demonstrate how I designed and set up the staging cassette for my layout. The cassette serves as the staging yard for my layout and can be stored under the layout when not in use.

Realistic modern era train crew figures.

Preiser makes one of the most realistic modern era train crew figure sets on the market. Preiser model # 10420 Modern Workmen with warning vests includes six figures in various poses that are excellent for representing train crew members. Many of the figures are wearing a hard hat and are posed in a realistic stance. The figures are available from Walthers and other hobby stores. List price is $20.99.

Weathering a Scrap Metal Service Gondola

This article appeared in the March 2012 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist. The article explains the steps I took to apply heavy weathering to a scrap metal service gondola. Click the photo to the right and it will take you to the MRH March 2012 issue, the article begins on page 65.

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