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Train Messages and Bulletins

After receiving a General Manager's Notice that the grade crossing signals are out of service at Sawyer Road, a crew member flags the crossing as required in the notice to protect motorist at the grade crossing. Once the crossing is "covered" by the train, the crew member will board the locomotive and they'll continue their trip north.

Train messages and bulletins can be issued which supersede instructions in the timetable and any rules with which such bulletins may conflict. These bulletins outline special issues or procedures of a temporary nature that affect the operations of trains. Prototype railroad employees are required to check for new bulletins at the beginning of each tour of duty and must maintain a copy of the current bulletins in effect, and have them accessible when working.

How can we apply these prototype procedures to our model railroads? If you have a section of track that is having issues with derailments you can issue a slow order to your operating crews that limit the speed between specific points to help prevent derailments until you can get it fixed. In addition, if you have a grade crossing signal that is not working correctly or you are in the process of installing one you can issue a stop and flag notice for that grade crossing. Any special procedure or requirement can be sent out as a train message or bulletin which can add a touch of realism to an ops session. These notices can be handed out at the beginning of an ops session and reviewed with the crews. Following these procedures also helps slow down an ops session as crews have to comply with the message or bulletins.

Georgia Northeastern Model Railroad

General Manager’s Notice 042623GM#1

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 26, 2023, 07:00

TO: All www.ThomasKlimoski.com Website Subscribers

FROM: Thomas Klimoski

RE: Become a site member

To become a site member and automatically receive an email notice from WIX when I post a new blog click on the link at the top of my website home page. Previous "subscribers" will no longer receive a notice unless they become a site member. This requirement remains in effect until further notice. No action is required if you have already signed up to be a site member and entered a password.

Speaking of bulletins, a change to my website plan with WIX has limited my ability to send out an email campaign notifying subscribers when I post a new blog. A work around to this change is to become a “site member”, which allows you to automatically receive an email from WIX notifying you that I have posted a new blog. To become a site member is easy, all you have to do is click the new link at the top of my website home page that says, “Become a member to receive blog post notifications”. From there you’ll be prompted to enter an email address and a password. That’s it, you are now a site member. The first blog notice you receive may go to your spam folder so check it and mark it as a known sender. Thanks for your continued support and becoming a site member.

Until next time stay safe and keep model railroading.

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Alex Bogaski
01 may 2023

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