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Hello rail modelers and fans. I'm a new member to this community. But I've been a follwer of Thomas Klimoski's YouTube channel for a year. I've always loved trains. When I was ten years old, I begged my mom and dad for a train set. Christmas of 1978 I got a Tyco Silver Streak Train Set with awsome accessories. There's a book that caused the bug to bit me. In my school library, I checked out "How to Run a Railroad" by author, I think, Wess Harvey. I was introduced to the endless possibilitys that you could do starting with a simple train set. I'm going to turn 55 this year, and still a helpless train and model railroad addict. I was away from the hobby 13 years, and just returned to it a year ago. I'm currently in the process of a switching layout build. I believe this is going to be the best ever for me. Glad to be a part of the world's greatest hobby!🙃

Tony Willard

Glass Whisper

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