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Piedmont Pilgrimage and Live Q&A

The Marble Hill local crew switches cars at Georgia Marble and is looking forward to the live Q&A with the boss.

Every fall for the past 17 years, the Piedmont Division of the NMRA hosts an open house layout tour of numerous layouts around the Atlanta, Georgia area. Each weekend in October and November, guests can tour layouts of all sizes and scales, while the host answers any questions. This year due to the pandemic, the NMRA Piedmont Division Board decided to hold the event virtually using YouTube. This alternative provided a safe way to see the layouts from the comfort and safety of your own home. Model railroaders from across the country and the world now have a unique opportunity to view some of the amazing layouts in the Atlanta area. Layout owners, or a video team, took videos of each layout, and a dedicated volunteer team edited them. Each Saturday and Sunday beginning October 31, through November 22, the team will post a group of videos at 9 am (EST) where viewers can watch the layout tour videos. You do not need to be a NMRA member to see the videos. Here is a link to the Piedmont Pilgrimage website page and more information about each layout as well as the schedule for each day.

In addition, you can go directly to the Piedmont Division of NMRA YouTube channel to view the videos. The videos will be available until the end of the year.

This Saturday, November 7th beginning at 9am a new video layout tour of my Georgia Northeastern model railroad will be posted on the Piedmont Pilgrimage YouTube channel. The video can only be viewed on the Piedmont Pilgrimage YouTube channel for now. The video features information about the prototype Georgia Northeastern Railroad, a brief tour of my layout, and highlights from an operating session. At 11am, in conjunction with the release of the new video, I will be holding a Q&A session on my YouTube channel. I plan to discuss layout construction, operational details, and prototype based operations on my layout as well as answer any questions from the viewers using the chat feature. If time permits, I will also conduct a brief ops session, switching cars at the industries in Marble Hill. Here is a link to the Q&A live feed on my YouTube channel.

I hope you can tune in and ask questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

Until next time, stay safe and keep model railroading.

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Alex Bogaski
Alex Bogaski
15 dic 2020

Great article, Tom! You and I share some of the same techniques. I like what you did with blending the scenery and backdrop, its something I may have to try in the future.

Me gusta
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