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Model Railroading Live

The crew at the Georgia Northeastern Railroad locomotive service facility discuss the latest episode of Model Railroading Live.

William “Big Bill” Graham hosts a YouTube channel, Model Railroading Live (MRL), where he features a series on Wednesday nights at 9 PM (EST) called, Who is Big Bill Talking To. Bill interviews different model railroaders each week and discusses their modeling and various other topics. Since the show is live, the audience can use the chat feature to ask questions and make comments during the broadcast. Bill has a great interviewing style and is easy to talk to, making the guests feel very comfortable. Bill’s “technical guru and director”, Johnny Reb, works behind the scenes to keep everything working, and create an enjoyable broadcast.

"Big Bill" Graham hosting the weekly Model Railroading Live show.

Every other Saturday night, Model Railroading Live features a show called Railroad Empires: How we’re building them. The series showcases various modeler's layout construction, methodology, and allows you to virtually visit with the owners as they build their layout.

On Wednesday, July 22 at 9 PM (EST) Bill has invited me to be a guest on the Who is Big Bill Talking To show. I hope you can tune in to watch it live and ask me questions. If not, the episode will be available on the Model Railroading Live YouTube channel for you to watch it later. Here is a link to the Model Railroading Live YouTube channel.

Until next time, stay safe and keep model railroading.

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