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Railroad Prototype Modelers Event

Modelers gather at the St. Louis Railroad Prototype Modelers event in St. Louis to check out the hundreds of amazing models on display.

Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) events are a great way to meet other model railroaders and be inspired in the hobby. On July 25 and 26, 2019 the St. Louis RPM took place in Collinsville, IL. The St. Louis RPM is one of the most highly attended RPM events in the country and this year over 500 modelers attended. The organizers encouraged everyone to bring models to display and showcase their talents. Several model manufacturers were present to discuss their new releases as well as numerous vendors and railroad historical societies that might have that one model or piece of information that you have been looking for. In addition, over 20 clinics were presented by prominent modelers during the 2 day event.

Jeff Meyer explains to attendees how he weathered the numerous cars on display at The Weathering Shop table.

One of many talented modelers that were present at the St. Louis RPM was Jeff Meyer. Jeff is a member of The Weathering Shop, an artistic group of modelers that has elevated the art of weathering to the next level, and is a frequent guest on Ken Patterson’s What’s Neat podcast. Jeff was enthusiastic to share his techniques to achieve the ultra-realistic weathering he had on his models displayed at The Weathering Shop table.

Jeff used several layers of thinned white paint sprayed through an airbrush to achieve the fade seen on the coil car hoods.

We discussed how he achieved the fade on the coil car hoods as well as his use of artist oils to accomplish the desired weathering effects. After talking with Jeff I now have a few more ways to improve my weathering. In addition to Jeff, other members of The Weathering Shop group demonstrated their techniques at mini-clinics during the event.

Daniel Coombs (left) stopped by the ISE booth and talked to Scott Thornton (right) about the ProtoThrottle.

At the event I also got to meet Scott Thornton and Michael Petersen from Iowa Scaled Engineering (ISE), the developers and manufacturers of the ProtoThrottle. I have corresponded with Scott and Michael numerous times, but had never met them in person. It was nice to finally put a face to the names and they both are very friendly and multi talented guys. ISE had a booth at the show and I could not resist the temptation to operate with the ProtoThrottle on a small switching layout and demonstrate its features to other attendees.

One of the attendees was Daniel Coombs, a regular guest on the What’s Neat podcast. Daniel frequently hosts segments on DCC and decoder installations for the What’s Neat This Week program. He eagerly explained his latest plans for his model railroad and future projects to me. It is so refreshing to see young modelers enjoying the hobby.

I had a great time at the RPM event and enjoyed meeting so many talented modelers. I was honored to be selected as a clinic presenter at this event. I truly appreciate those that spoke to me about my modeling, Youtube videos, and attended my clinic on the Georgia Northeastern, Prototype and Modeling. If you get the chance to attend a RPM event you won’t be disappointed.

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