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Ops session on the Seaboard Central

A few days ago I was invited to my friend Tim Garland's house to film, edit, and produce an ops session video on his Seaboard Central layout. Tim and his friend Nathan are professional railroaders for the Norfolk Southern Railway and worked as a two person crew for the ops session. I filmed the crew as they went about their work switching cars on Tim's layout. They followed Norfolk Southern prototype procedures and communications as they operated the layout which I found to be very educational for all model railroaders. The video also highlights Tim's prototype based Industry Work Order and the Yard Track Inventory Switch list used for the ops session. Following prototype procedures adds time to an ops session which is perfect for those modelers that have a small layout. In addition, the new ProtoThrottle from Iowa Scaled Engineering is featured during the session. The new ProtoThrottle is an exciting new innovation that gives you the same controls of a prototype EMD locomotive in the palm of your hand. The ProtoThrottle adds that extra dimension of realism to an ops session with the prototypical controls including a throttle handle with detents, reverser lever, brake handle, bell button and lighting controls. It really makes you feel like you are in the cab of the locomotive. For more information on the ProtoThrottle go to the website at www.ProtoThrottle.com.

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