Below are layout updates and switching operations videos from my YouTube channel. Additional videos can be found in the How To section of this website. Please click the link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. 

June 2018 Layout Update

This video highlights a new operating grade crossing signal with gates and the Digitrax LNWI WiFi Interface I installed on my layout. In addition, the video features the yard crew switching cars for the Elizabeth Yard Turn job and the Elizabeth Yard Turn #102 heading to Marietta.

Operating Session with the ProtoThrottle

This video highlights the new ProtoThrottle from Iowa Scaled Engineering. The video has a brief overview of the ProtoThrottle and then demonstrates the use of the throttle during an operating session.

January 2018 Layout Update

This video highlights the completed Marble Hill area on the layout including the Imerys Corporation and Georgia Marble facilities.

September 2017 Layout Update

Two new locomotives are showcased as well as the Traincrew program used to simulate setting hand brakes during an operating session.

Operating Session Highlights

Tim Garland hosts this episode and demonstrates prototype procedures and communications as the North Local crew switches the industries in Marietta. 

June 2017 Layout Update

The new Argos cement facility is highlighted in this video. The video follows the North Local as it switches the facility.

March 2017 Layout Update

Three new structures are highlighted which include Universal Alloy Corporation, Dairy Queen and a team track concrete ramp. The video follows the North Local as it switches Universal Alloy and the team track...

Cab Ride on the Main Line

Take a cab ride on the main line around the layout. This video gives you an engineers view as it travels around the layout.

Elizabeth Yard Turn Job

Follow the actions of the Elizabeth Yard Turn Job as the crew picks up cars in Tate Yard and takes them to Elizabeth Yard to be interchanged with CSX. The crew returns to Tate with a string of empties for the industries in Marble Hill. . 

June 2016 Layout Update

Follow the North Local as it switches the newly completed industries in Marietta including Capitol Materials, ERB Plastics and Georgia Metal Coaters. 

Marble Hill Job

Follow the Marble Hill crew as they pickup their cars in Tate Yard and then head down to Marble Hill to switch the industries there during this operating session. 

North Local Job

This video highlights the actions of the North Local crew as they switch the industries in Marietta during an operating session. The video as shows the newly completed Capitol Building Materials facility. Temporary structures fill in for other industries yet to be built. 

Steam Excursion Special

A steam excursion special operates on the Georgia Northeastern Railroad. The line currently operated by the GNRR was the "L&N Old Line" and this steam excursion brings back memories of L&N steam locomotives and the passenger trains they pulled over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

April 2015 Layout Update

This video shows the latest progress on my GNRR model railroad layout including detailing the locomotive service facility, new DOW chemical facility and photo backdrops for Etowah River and Highway 53.  

Introduction to the GNRR Layout October 2014

Construction on my new HO scale Georgia Northeastern layout is progressing as seen in this video. The new layout is a small switching layout based on the Georgia Northeastern Railroad, a short line railroad that runs from Marietta to McCaysville, GA.

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